About Pearls

At Goldsmiths Jewellers we have the largest range of pearl  jewellery in the southwest. Our Australian Broome, South Sea and Tahiti pearls are personally hand selected by our qualified team of jewellers.


The Luster of a pearl refers to the glowing apperance of its surface and the ability to reflect light.

Lustre is the most important factor that influences the value of a pearl. A pearl with bright, very bright or mirror lustre is easily recognisable by its  purity of reflection.
A Pearl with a smooth and blemish free surface is of a higher value. Completely smooth surfaces are very rare.

Larger pearls are rare and therefore more valuable. Size is a diameter of a pearl measured in millimeters.
Round and more symmetrical pearls have a more higher value. There is a variety of shapes, ranging from classic rounds and drop shapes through to unique baroques, semi-baroques and circles.
Colour of a pearl is purely a personal choice. Their natural colour ranges from silver-white, white, cream, silver, yellow, gold and black Tahiti pearls.